Will the exercise videos be enough even if I’m a beginner?

Marco’s incredibly qualified to teach people how to lift*, and he has a ton of experience doing it. When you see the videos you’ll realize that he’s already guessed all of the problems you’re probably going to run into. If you run into a problem we haven’t pre-prepared for, we can coach you through it in the community.

We also don’t just plunk you into a squat rack and expect you to be able to execute a back squat. If you’ve never done a back squat before, we’ll start by teaching you how to do a goblet squat. When you’ve got the technique down, we’ll transition you to a front squat. When you’ve mastered that, we’ll teach you the back squat. This is how you’d be taught to lift by a strength coach in person, although it’s relatively rare to find people doing this online.

This is one of the reasons our members are often able to build muscle so quickly—because they spend less time doing advanced lifts awkwardly, and more time doing simple lifts well. (This is also the safest way to learn to lift.)

*He has a degree in health sciences, he’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, he’s interned under some of the top strength and performance coaches in the world, and his day job is teaching people how to lift weights well.

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