I’m in the military/college. I live in a dorm room and eat at in a cafeteria.

Absolutely. In fact, those sound like pretty ideal conditions.

The food might not all be organic and grass-fed and whatnot… but who cares? It’s not like that stuff has a noticeable impact on muscle growth anyway. There’s usually a certain amount of flexibility you have with your “rations”, and as a result all of the cafeteria guys we have still manage to do a killer job, even if they worry that they aren’t eating wholesomely enough.

Even in a dorm room you can usually manage to have some good snacks around, too. Trail mix, whey and a shaker cup, some peanut butter and fruit. Not gourmet, but certainly good enough to build a couple dozen pounds of muscle with.

Plus, the gyms that college kids have are often set up for a variety of different types of athletes. That means power cages, squat racks, benches, barbells and tons of dumbbells—perfect muscle-building gear for a skinny guy. And the gyms that guys in the military have are usually just as functional. These tend to make the best gyms, and the rates are usually pretty reasonable (if they aren’t free!).

Circumstances won’t ever be perfect, but I’d call these circumstances pretty damn sweet.

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