People say I should squat, deadift and bench press. But what if I’m a skinny beginner and I don’t want to jump right into advanced weightlifting?

Taking a beginner and making him deadlift, back squat and overhead press is usually a pretty dumb move… and we aren’t nearly as dumb as we look.

We start by teaching you simple lifts that are easy to teach and easy to learn (using thorough instructional videos). I’m not talking about doing aquarobics or anything—you aren’t old and disabled—we’re talking more along the lines of bodybuilding, which is fairly light, safe and simple. Then, as your technique, mobility, and tendon/ligament strength improves, we progress to heavier and more badass strength training.

This greatly reduces the risk of injury (way way down below soccer), makes the experience far less frustrating and overwhelming, and actually allows you to focus on building muscle. Instead of using too-light weights and fumbling around with form, you can do simpler lifts that allow you to actually lift heavy enough to build maximal amounts of muscle—safely.

We wrote up an article on this here.


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