I like your approach… but I’m a naturally chubby guy. Is this program for me?

Most programs out there are made for chubby guys looking to lose weight and build a bit of muscle. The reason our program is so effective at helping skinny guys build muscle is because we actually focus exclusively on skinny guys trying to build muscle—an admittedly rare niche.

All three of us are ectomorphs to the bone, and that’s where the bulk of our expertise and experiences lies. We’ve been there, built muscle from that perspective, and can offer real-world advice based on both science and excessive amounts of personal experience.

We probably aren’t the best fit if you’re a naturally chubby guy. 

…Although if you’re an ectomorph with a belly, that’s a whole different story. Skinny-fat is very much up our alley, and with a good weightlifting and nutrition plan (like ours) you may be able to build muscle while burning fat (studystudy).

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