What makes you qualified to teach me?

Muscle-building gurus are a dime a dozen. Not all of them know what they’re talking about. Here’s why we think you should trust us:

a) We aren’t just touting personal experience. Our program is based on sound peer-reviewed research, and Marco has a health sciences degree, a slew of certifications and, perhaps most impressively, he’s interned/studied with the best athletic performance specialists in the world: Eric Cressey, Tony Gentilcore, Mike Roberston, the Postural Restoration Institute, etc.

b) We aren’t just nerds, we also have first hand experience. All three of us started extremely skinny and we’ve all successfully put on 50+ pounds of muscle (each). We know what it’s like to do what you’re trying to do.

c) We’ve been able to reproduce these results in our members. Our personal successes weren’t a fluke. Everyone who joins the program is able to build muscle—many of them even faster than we did, since we’re better at this than we were back then.

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