How much extra money will I need to spend on food / supplements?

Hehe don’t worry—we aren’t a super fancy program. We’ll all about basic nutritious whole foods like potatoes, bananas, beans, rice, oats, whole grain bread, peanut butter, dairy, etc. (This varies depending on your culture, budget and preferences, of course.) You can bulk just as easily on peanut butter and banana sandwiches as you can on grass-fed organic beef.Supplements are optional, and your success won’t depend on them at all. If you decide to take creatine monohydrate though—the king of all muscle-building supplements—you can order a 5 month supply for around $20. That will get you through the entire program. But you don’t need it.

(You’re going to love this guide if you sign up, which is a very flexible nutrition plan optimized for budget, appetite, convenience and muscle.)

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