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  1. Brotherhood—Level 1 Badge

    Brotherhood (level 1): This member, your brother, has made in 150 posts in the community. Like the loyal hound, he is an essential part of any hunt.

    Trophy points: 1

  2. Challenger—Level 1 Badge

    Challenger (level 1): This member is proficiently powerful, his strength proven in the challenges section of the community. But even the boa dreams of growing stronger still.

    Trophy points: 1

  3. Behemoth—Level 1 Badge

    Behemoth (level 1): This member has gained 20 pounds, his progress noted on his profile page. The whale is said to be the largest beast, dwarfed only by larger whales.

    Trophy points: 1

  4. Wooer—Level 1 Badge

    Wooer (level 1): This exceptionally proportionate member has claimed five aesthetics trophies. As modest as he may be, he can't help but find himself surrounded by beauty.

    Trophy points: 1

  5. Beast—Level 1 Badge

    Beast (level 1): This member has completed the main Bony to Beastly program, phase by phase, diligently tracking his progress along the way.

    Trophy points: 1

  6. Brotherhood—Level 2 Badge

    Brotherhood (level 2): This member, your loyal brother, has made in 500 posts in the community. He is known by all.

    Trophy points: 2

  7. Challenger—Level 2 Badge

    Challenger (level 2): This member is an accomplished lifter, his power proven in the challenges section of the community. But even the mighty anaconda dreams of ascension.

    Trophy points: 2

  8. Behemoth—Level 2 Badge

    Behemoth (level 2): This member has gained 35 pounds, his progress noted on his profile page. The blue whale is the king of whales, but what lies deeper?

    Trophy points: 2

  9. Wooer—Level 2 Badge

    Wooer (level 2): This ruggedly chiseled member has claimed twelve aesthetics trophies. Now, even the sunset pales next to him.

    Trophy points: 2

  10. Beast—Level 2 Badge

    Beast (level 2): This member has completed 10 advanced phases, faithfully tracking his progress throughout.

    Trophy points: 2

  11. Brotherhood—Level 3 Badge

    Brotherhood (level 3): This member, your famed brother, has made 5,000 posts in the community. He leads the pack.

    Trophy points: 3

  12. Challenger—Level 3 Badge

    Challenger (level 3): This member is a legendary lifter, his prowess proven in the challenges section of the community. The giant basilisk knows no equal.

    Trophy points: 3

  13. Behemoth—Level 3 Badge

    Behemoth (level 3): This member has gained 50 pounds, his progress noted on his profile page. Adventurers whisper of him, saying that even whales fear the depths he lies in.

    Trophy points: 3

  14. Wooer—Level 3 Badge

    Wooer (level 3): After claiming fourteen aesthetics trophies, this member has become more than just himself. He now belongs to another, just as another belongs to him.

    Trophy points: 3

  15. Beast—Level 3 Badge

    Beast (level 3): This member, the lord of all Beasts, has completed 30 advanced phases.

    Trophy points: 3