Sort of. It’s more like a fancy way of saying “naturally skinny.” But skinny isn’t a trait, it’s a state. Marco was skinny, he gained 63 pounds, and now he’s a pretty strong looking dude. However, he still has a bunch of the same traits that he did back when he was skinny—a small stomach capacity, a small appetite, small muscle bellies, narrow bones, etc. That’s because he’s an “ectomorph”—someone who’s naturally skinny.

I’m the same. I’m 6’2 and I have the wrist size of the average 5’4 man.

Not surprisingly, many of us assume that being an ectomorph is a disadvantage. We struggle to gain weight, people often feel like they can push us around, and our skinny-boy muscle-building goals are so uncommon that they’re rarely covered by the mainstream media. Only 3% of people in North America are looking to gain weight (study).

But being an ectomorph isn’t a disadvantage, and it doesn’t mean we can’t build muscle. A 2005 study looking into muscle-building genetics—the largest and most thorough study of its kind—found that, on average, skinny guys can build muscle more rapidly than anyone else (study). Some guys added two inches to their arms and doubled their strength in just 12 weeks.

Since then, another study has come out with similar findings (study).

This seems crazy, I know. If you’re anything like me, you probably feel like you suck at building muscle. But after running this program for a couple years we’ve seen it first hand so many times that it seems obvious. The majority of members in the community  are able to gain at least 20 pounds in their first three months. Good luck finding a guy who isn’t skinny who’s able to build that much muscle that quickly.

Moreover, many of us are extremely resistant to fat* (study). We aim to have our members leave the program with just as much ab definition as they came in with. Since we’re a community of ectomorphs, we’re usually able to do just that.

So we aren’t trying to overcome being an ectomorph. Being an ectomorph is sweet. Our goal is more so about finally providing you the (science-based) information that you need to take full advantage of your body type. We’re here to help you get strong and build a bunch of burly muscle.

I suspect you’ll find that you’re actually pretty good at it.

*Even “skinny-fat” ectomorphs tend not to struggle with obesity, which is arguably the biggest health problem the First World is facing right now. We talk a little bit more about skinny-fat ectomorphs down below.

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