I’m a skinny vegetarian / vegan. Can I still build muscle?

As you likely already know, plant-based diets are pretty sweet. Most of the healthiest cultures around the world base their diets around fruits, vegetables and grains. Compared to your average dude, in many ways you’re already rocking a rad advantage. (Moreover, most people vastly overestimate the amount of protein they need to build muscle.)

When it comes to building muscle, the nutrition rules are the same for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to eat exactly the same diet. Everyone has different preferences, limitations, ideologies.

As far as our program goes, we practice something called “flexible dieting”, which allows people to eat in a way that best suits them on an individual level while still getting optimal results. It’s not like we’re trying to force feed all of our members tuna shakes at precisely 8am or anything. You’ll be making your diet your own, and we can help you with that.

So eating a plant-based diet is totally cool, and many of our members choose to go that route.

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