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First of all we want to say thank you. You’ve already supported us, and we just want to let you know that we really appreciate it. Second—some exciting news. Now that the Bony to Beastly program is a toddler, there are a few questions we’ve been getting asked all the time:

  • My b2B membership is about to expire but I still want to be a part of the community—do I need to re-buy the program?
  • I love this style of training but I’ve finished the program … should I, err, do it again?
  • I’ve gained twenty pounds but my arms are still lanky—how can I make them really damn burly?
  • I’ve gained thirty pounds and yet my pecs are still petite—how do I get really really plump pectorals?

We’ve finally got some answers.

Community/Coaching Membership Renewal. We have a way for you to renew your membership for a very low monthly fee. We really do want you to stick around. Login to the members area, click ‘Renew’ and then follow the steps.

Muscle & Health Specialization Programs. We’ve been working really hard over the past year researching, programming and beta testing the advanced specialization programs that you guys have been asking for the most. An arm program, a chest program, a posture program, a strength program, an aesthetics program, a fitness program, etc. On top of that, we’ve included mini-guides along with these specialization programs. They all include a detailed breakdown of the training program explaining exactly why we programmed it the way we did, and also a detailed breakdown of a niche topic: nutrient timing, advanced muscle-building principles, advanced aesthetic principles, optimizing health, optimizing fitness, advanced supplementation, etc.


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How does buying a Muscle & Health issue work?

When you sign up for an advanced program your account will be updated immediately with a download link for the issue. You’re going to be familiar with the format. Each issue is sort of like a miniature version of the b2B program.

There’s a designated area of the forum for talking about the monthly phases, too (at the very bottom). You’re probably going to have a few questions—we’re proposing a couple rather wild techniques (that many studies and personal experience have proven work unbelievably well).

If your community access has expired and you know you’ll eventually want to try all the issues, there’s also the full package which will get you every single issue along with another year of community/coaching access.

What about my other muscle groups? My strength?

Your other muscle groups will be worked as well, just more minimally. You should be able to maintain or make slight improvements elsewhere in your body, but the main purpose of these programs is really to accomplish a particular goal.

I hit a personal best with my front squat (3×235) and deadlift (3×375) while testing the arm phase. Marco hit a person best with his back squat. We kind of used the arm hypertrophy phase as an opportunity to go a little heavier with the full body programming, since there was so little of it. I suspect you’ll see some unexpected improvements too.

What if I’m still in the middle of b2B?

Unless you’re already a somewhat experienced lifter it’s probably a little premature for these more advanced programs. Bony to Beastly was designed it to build as much muscle mass as possible, so you’ll be very well taken care of! This advanced program is for guys who have already exhausted their newbie gains and/or whose growth has more or less plateaued.

What if I’m a lone internet wolf who wants to build my own training programs?

That’s cool. We’ll be outlining different principles of strength, hypertrophy, posture, programming, etc. throughout the various issues. You’re going to learn a ton of advanced concepts, which will in turn allow you to do a better job of doing your own thing. We can help you figure out how to do what you’re trying to do too.

The whole point of these advanced programs is so that we can keep you around and keep you moving steadily towards your own personal goals.

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