Skinny Bulking Transformations

We help so-called "hardgainers" and "ectomorphs" go from skinny to muscular. Here are some before and after photos from members of our flagship Bony to Beastly Bulking Program. They gave us permission to share the progress photos they posted in our coaching community while going through the program.

No matter how skinny you are now, you can build muscle. We've done it ourselves, and we've helped thousands of other skinny guys do it, too. But keep in mind that everyone has different frames and muscle-building genetics. You won't look exactly like anyone else. Rather, you'll look like a more muscular version of yourself.

Stories From Bony to Beastly Members

Here are some stories submitted by members. Some are testimonials, others have advice, and others are just tales about guys going from skinny to muscular.

Ariel A. Student, 22 years old

My name is Ariel, I am a 22-year-old from San Diego. I began this program excited to finally make a change I was sick of being skinny and it was time to do something about it.

I am working part-time and am a full-time student. I have been having some personal problems both financial/family throughout this past year but I kept doing my best to keep up with the program. I had to stop the program at one point, but as soon as I finally figured things out I started again more determined than ever.

I had never done any sort of training before this so it was all new to me. This program really helped me out and I feel great. There is still much more to come, I may have gained weight but I’m aiming for higher.

Manuel M. Student

I Gained Over 10 kilos During 6 Months

I was super skinny. Then I started working out, and I only got more skinny and shredded. I only started gaining weight once I started changing my eating habits.

Grant F 27 years old

20 pounds in 8 months

I am a lifelong distance runner who was burned out from running and needed to try something new. I have always been tall and skinny, which directed me toward distance running. After running the Olympic Trials, I was ready to "hang up the spikes" and start lifting weights with a new goal of getting ripped. Completely opposite training and goals to being a runner, but a similar mindset.

I started this journey at 6' 1" and 154 pounds in the summer of 2021. I am now sitting at 174 pounds and still gaining. The first 10 pounds came quite easily, with the next 10 being a bit more difficult. However, as you can tell with my time frame of 8 months, I had some breaks in there where I was doing maintenance or missing lifting sessions. There were a couple of weeks where I ate less because I was so sick of feeling full.

I have really enjoyed the weightlifting sensation of building up your body rather than the exhaustion and breakdown from endurance sports. As someone with very little lifting experience, this program has been worth the investment and then some. The articles are scientifically backed and so is the program. I learned a lot about the nutrition needed to gain weight from reading this site.

Honestly, I gained confidence from seeing other regular skinny dudes bulking up and sharing their experiences, which is why I want to share mine. I don't yet feel "ripped," but now I don't feel like I'm scrawny anymore. My plan is to keep bulking up to 180 pounds and see how that feels.

The hardest part of this process for me has been eating enough calories, which seems like a part-time job since my metabolism burns so hot. I don't enjoy cooking, which is one of my weak points, but I figured out how to make it work. Shoutout to the B2B cookbook, which I've used to make bulk meals, and lots of chili.

My point is, anyone can do this with some dedication to the lifting and eating. Figure out what works for you and where your strengths and weaknesses are with lifting, eating, and recovery. If you're struggling, use the community to troubleshoot, or take a step back and reassess.

Having a coach and a plan is invaluable compared to trying to write your own workouts. Having coaches and following a workout program specific to helping skinny guys bulk up is a first and something that is worth the money. If you're on the fence, take the risk and try it.

Thanks, Shane, Marco, and Jared for creating and sharing this stuff at an affordable price. This is a niche that was unaddressed before you came along!

Rick W. 35 years old

20 lbs just under 6 months

An ectomorph all my life, I began lifting weights around 8 years ago not really knowing what I was doing. I then began to read more on the internet and combined a mish-mash of different ideas that got me some gains. I then began to read the B2B blog before finally committing to the programme in Jan. It's be a spectacular ride, the ideas, the register of the programme have really have hit a cord. I recommend the programme!!

Ricky May 28, IT tech

40 pounds gained, from 170 to 211 at my highest, then leaned down 25 pounds, 182 at my lowest

My story is typical of a lot of skinny guys. Jump around every couple months to a different program, gain some weight, lose some weight, get really pumped up, lose motivation, ride the roller coaster of fitness ups and downs.

I think I've tried about every fitness program out there; BeachBody's Insanity, p90x, power-lifting, Stronglifts 5x5, Big 6, Kinobody, HIIT training, martial arts, traditional one-body-part-a-day 5 or 6 days a week bodybuilding name it, I tried it.

I have come to the conclusion that 3 days a week, compound lifts plus some isolation is what works best by far, and Bony To Beastly creates workouts like that and combines them with nutrition, advice, community, and coaching to offer the best, cheapest package out there. Simple as that. I'm still lifting and still making gains, but I've definitely seen some progress (which is hard to do on a 6'3'' super-lanky-string-bean frame.)

And if I can do it, you can too! And like I said--in all my experience trying out everything under the sun, b2b is the fastest, cheapest, best way to do it!

J. Sinay Audio Engineer

I wouldn't be where I'm at now

I am 22 years old and I have always been tall and skinny my whole life. I was told it was my genetics and fast metabolism that left me with my long lanky body.

There came a point where I decided that I wanted to change that so I started researching and asking a friend who lifted on where to start in the gym. He took me through a 5 day bodybuilder style split and I was wrecked and wasn't feeling like this style of training was gonna help after a couple weeks so I started researching more and stumbled upon B2B.

All the articles made perfect sense to me and I was starting to understand everything. I immediately signed up and jumped into the programming. I fell in love with the workouts and immediately started seeing improvements in posture and strength.

The eating guides helped immensely as well and without the articles, tips, and recipes I wouldn't be where I'm at now. With the one-two punch of the workouts and food the scale started to rise and I've felt better. I finished the main B2B program and have been working my way through the muscle and health issues now and have seen even more strength and size increases. I never would have imagined being able to lift some of the weight and rep ranges that I can now.

My transformation is still going and I can't wait to dive into more muscle and health issues and the new member workouts. My experience with B2B has been amazing and I would highly recommend any one on the fence to just go for it!

Aleksi P. 23 years old, peacekeeper.

7 kilos in 4 months. First 5 kilos were in the first 8 weeks.

I'm Aleksi, Finnish bartender/chef, and a Bony to Beastly fanboy. So prepare for that. For the first 20 years of my life I was on the skinny side of even the ectomorphs, weighing 50 kilos at 178cm. Then at 20 years old I took a leap from 50 to 60 kilos in little over a month, and just stuck there, as I had no idea how nutrition works. Fast-forward to me at 23 years old, halfway through my 12 months deployment, I found Bony to Beastly.

I had seen, heard, tried countless amount of "simple muscle building programs for skinny guys" and guess what, none of them worked for me. I wont blame the programs directly, but more so the fact that they had no info about the nutrition part of bulking, which as we all know, is the only thing you need if you're looking to up your weight.

That's why I joined b2b, first of all, its a very well proven program by countless members but also everything is science based. Everything you need to know about eating, digesting, lifting, recovering. And if you happen to find something that still baffles you, there's at least two doctors in the community that (if others doubt themselves) will guide you! I cant think of another place with such diversity and professionalism than b2b.

On top of that, an incredibly supportive and friendly community. I might sound like a commercial speech but hell, this is just how it is. Anyhow, back to me, in the first 8 weeks of the program, I gained 5kilos. Which was so unreal to me, having tried to eat and workout in the past so much, to the point of throwing up. Now I was able to eat even more than what was needed. And with that, came first visual results, which was amazing to see after about 2 years of trying. Getting nutrition right for me was tough considering where I was at the time so my total weight gained isn't where I wanted it to be, but thanks to the simple tips from the founders, coaches and our community I was still able to put on more weight than ever before. So 7 kilos later, here I still am. And not gonna go away, the journey continues.

Dr. Albert C. Physician

[My wife] didn't want to be the 'bigger' person in the relationship

I must say that Bony To Beastly is the best 'accident' I've had that's really impacted my life. Let me explain. Like many other classic ectomorphs, I struggled with being that skinny guy that couldn't put on any weight or muscle even if we "ate a lot". I had gone through multiple attempts, many different weight gain workouts over my highschool and college years, with occasional periods of success.

Going through all those trials, I didn't find any one 'program' that really resonated with me. A lot of the times they were workouts that were perhaps geared towards other guys who didn't have as much trouble packing on the mass. So I set upon a quest to find something that I could feel connected to. I was trying to find motivation by googling and hoping to find other 'skinny guys' that had success transforming their bodies and lives.

At that time, Bony to Beastly was in its infancy and in its beta testing stages. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and that night, read through every single article well into the middle of the night. Everything clicked. Seeing your success, before and after photos, and reading about the total lifestyle transformation you had to go through to put on weight was really inspirational. I wanted in.

Even during your beta phases, B2B was everything I needed to keep me dedicated. It was a workout program, diet guide, motivational forum, personal trainer- all wrapped up in one. The best part was the tremendous support I had from other like minded skinny guys. I cannot even exaggerate how important that aspect was. Continuously hearing words of encouragement and support from other B2B members around the world was one thing that kept me dedicated to get through that one tough workout. I've been a part of many online forums and inevitably, members would get into flame wars or arguments which is counter productive to a 'community'. Not so here.

Even after finishing the Bony To Beastly program, with all of the continued updates and new workouts, I have continued to renew my subscriptions.

At the time when I first joined - without a real paying job as I was a medical student swimming in massive loans, I had to think twice about dropping a big chunk of change on the program. Being a member of the community now for several years, I have to tell everyone that it is worth it. It's worth it, because you're basically investing in yourself.

The things I've learned to do, the new-found confidence I've developed as I've become healthier, more fit, and more beastly -- that's priceless.

Don't forget about the unexpected benefits. Before B2B, I weight 128 lbs. I thought I was healthy, but in reality I barely weighed more than my then-girlfriend (who is now my wife :). She didn't tell me at the time, but sometimes when she saw how thin I was, it also negatively affected her own self confidence. She didn't want to be the 'bigger' person in the relationship. Now that I've packed on about 30 lbs more of muscle, my wife without even hiding it will be checking me out. She loves to hold onto my arms, touch my chest, etc. Our physical affection towards each other has drastically improved.

I would definitely recommend this program to any fellow skinny guy. With all of the information, guidance, support - and all in one central resource / program, I would easily have paid double the membership price. I have to remember, all those years I toiled away before B2B, I probably even wasted several hundred dollars more purchasing various fitness magazines, books, and videos that did not cater specifically to our body type. Thank you to Shane, Marco, Jared - and all of the hundreds of other B2B members - you guys have made such a significant difference in my life, I can't begin to thank you guys enough.

Jude C. I'm 32 and I'm a library archivist

I accepted that I would always be skinny and that people would always perceive me as weak

I always rounded out at about 114lbs. In high school, I stopped wearing shorts and short sleeves. I didn’t play sports, I didn’t go to the beach or the pool. Summers were not very fun. I looked forward to the winters because at least I was forced to layer my clothing. I hardly bought new clothing, I couldn’t find anything that fit me.

My mind’s default setting was to think, “I’m too skinny to do that” or “I’m too skinny to go there”. I spent more than a decade in this state of mind, it became second nature to me. I accepted that I would always be skinny and that people would always perceive me as weak.

In college, however, I started doing research on people who couldn’t gain weight and I joined a program. It was hard to follow, though. I had never worked out before and I didn’t know my way around the gym. I needed hand holding and I just wasn’t getting it from this program. After weeks of no gains, I started to get discouraged and eventually I quit. What’s worse, I couldn’t really talk about my problem with anyone. No one really understood. It was always the same thing, “You wanna gain weight? Just eat something!” A couple years later, I tried again. This time I hired a personal trainer. He put me on a “one size fits all” routine, but I didn’t know any better. I was getting in shape, as far as endurance goes, but I still wasn’t gaining anything. I was getting discouraged again and I slowly stopped going to the gym.

It wasn’t until about 4 years later when my discouragement and self-doubt started to hit critical mass. I was searching the web one day for something completely unrelated when I stumbled upon the Bony to Beastly program. I watched a video of Shane (one of the founders) talking about the program and what he had gone through. For the first time ever, I was hearing someone else talk about what I had been through. I thought there was no one else that understood. It was amazing and I signed up.

When I first started out, I was skeptical – not about the program, but about my ability to gain weight. It hadn't happened in the past. Plus, I had a fulltime job and I could only workout at night. My worst fear was that I was going to fail yet again. Despite all of that, after the first phase (about 5 weeks), I put on 12lbs! And I kept on gaining throughout the entire program.

After 5 months, I put on a total of 28lbs. What attracted me most to this program was the fact that the three guys who created it were once skinny themselves. Shane, Jared, and Marco started where we started and that was very important to me.

The other important thing is this program walks you through everything - what to eat and how to cook it, what routine to follow in the gym, what workouts to do and why, how to do them, etc. This is exactly what I needed. Not only that, but Shane, Jared, and Marco are very active on the forums. They are extremely helpful and welcoming. That’s the other great thing about this program – the community. You are not alone! Everyone is in the same boat and we all help and encourage one another.

I can’t begin to tell you how much Bony to Beastly has changed my life and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. For me, it was about enjoying life and what I was missing out. I wear shorts and t-shirts now, I can shop for clothes that fit me, I’ve been to the pool, I feel confident for the first time ever. Recently I did something I never thought I could do, a Spartan Race. I no longer question where I can go or what I can do and that’s testament to this program and the awesome guys who created it.

Wing Chi K. I am a translator in Hong Kong, a 38-years-old.

30lbs gained in 5 months

Impressed by the website, I joined B2B around the last Christmas and strictly followed the program. From the start I was 146lbs and for now have gained about 30lbs, that is 176lbs. My strength has increased significantly too, for example, from 80kg deadlift to 125kg deadlift. And I am a Chinese, but the program still works!

Matt V. Commercial account manager at an industrial supply company, 33 years old

+25 pounds, started at 130 and am now 155.

As a sales professional, I was looking to have a confident presence and positive body language. So I decided to develop those qualities while leaving the slouching, skinny me behind. This program has had all the resources I need and I am very pleased to have found it and made the investment.

Magnus H Music student, 21 years old

At first I was concerned that I wouldn't gain any weight

I bought the program as a birthday present for myself before I went to boarding school, since I thought it would be a good plan to use the "free" meals there as a boost to gain weight. At first I was concerned that I wouldn't gain any weight - I'd struggled with it on previous attempts - but I started going up ridiculously fast as soon as I started.

This program is probably one of the best investments I've done. I went to a personal trainer once who told me I could eat as much as I'd like, as my weight and BF% was incredibly low. Well, it turns out "as much as I'd like" was still probably 1000-1500 calories below what I needed to gain weight. Figuring out how to manage this is probably one of the greatest challenges we as ectomorphs face, and b2B really helped me to combat that. Finding this information on the web can be tricky - I thought the solution had to be some super-crazy supplement made of a "proprietary blend" of shady ingredients. b2B gives you the actually useful answers to why you aren't gaining weight, and on top of that coaches you through it.

We have a great, supportive community, so no bones are left behind! I'm really glad that I stumbled across this program two years ago. If I hadn't, I would probably still feel like a twig and wonder why I never gain weight despite my monthly chips binges (eating big once a month doesn't count, you guys. When we say we eat all the junk food and still aren't getting fat, it's probably because we forget to eat the rest of the week. Who knew, right?!). Oh, and did I mention I'd probably pop a disk from all the shoddy lifting I'd be doing?

If you're thinking of buying the program, I say you should go for it. You WILL gain weight. You will also stumble on the way, but the community will always be there to get you back on track. Always.

Nick A. 31 years old

0 lbs (body recomp over 2 years gaining 10-15lbs muscle, losing 10-15lbs fat)

Long story short, I'd always been the skinny kid. I made a big thank you post a few months before writing this, when I had reached my 2-year gym-going mark. I'll include some of it here to share with you, to tell you how personal and life-changing this journey has been for me.

It all started with Bony to Beastly, and it's why I will always be a member of this community no matter what else I move on to do.

It has been two years since I decided to change my life. Those of you who knew me before, know that I was never the athletic kid. I was always the scrawny kid, the anti-athlete, the couch potato. Although I've always been healthy, I knew it wouldn't last much longer. It was despite my bad diet and lack of activity that I was not sick and weak all the time. I was lucky. I was never strong. I couldn't run, I couldn't lift anything, I needed help doing things that a grown man should not need help doing. I lacked a lot of skills, and one day I just got tired of it.

The moment happened when I was on my first military deployment and could not carry my own luggage through without help. It was too heavy, too unwieldy, and I was a burden on my colleagues, who had to take time during a really hectic day to help me out. We were in a rush, and I was not physically-capable of helping. Despite being generally in-shape, I was not strong. I was embarrassed. I was not helping my teammates, I was a burden. I couldn't live with that anymore.

In June 2014 I decided to change my life. I weighed the same as I do now, but I looked and felt much different. I was skinny-fat, and unhappy with my physical fitness and appearance. I decided to start eating right, and working out, and spent countless hours doing research and experimenting with dozens of fitness and diet plans. It's been two years of working out 3-5 days a week, every week, every month, every year. There were countless days where I didn't want to lift a pencil, let alone a weight. There were days where I wondered if I'd ever see any progress. There were days where I couldn't lift what I lifted the week prior. There were days I wanted to just stay home and play video games. There were days that I felt like superman. There were days I felt like the man I wanted to be. There were days that made me proud of myself, and when I looked back at where I was, I knew I had come a long way.

Today I am healthier, faster, stronger than I've ever been in my life. I hope to live a long and healthy life, not just for me, but for my wife and daughter too. We have a responsibility to be healthy, not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones. Thank you, I couldn't have done this without the support of my friends and family, the patience of my wife, and the group that started me on the path to fitness, the Bony to Beastly team. Now I'm going to get some cake.

Heiko M. Architect, 40 years old

36 pounds (16 kg) gained in 8 months

Hi all, my name is Heiko, and I'm 40 years old. My story is not much different from many of the others I've read in the coaching community. I've been a skinny guy all my life and have always struggled with gaining weight. In addition, I've been dealing with digestive issues for many years, which caused me to have food anxieties as I never knew which food would trigger the symptoms. I would often eat very little or skip meals altogether because I was not feeling well. However, with the help of a great doctor, I've been able to finally get these symptoms under control, to where they don't overshadow everything else.

My physical checkup last year was a bit of a wake-up call. I'm 6 feet tall and was 137.4 pounds, so right at the threshold of being underweight. I joined Bony to Beastly in March of 2019 because I could very much relate to many of the stories told by other members. Although at the time I had doubts that the program could work for me, as long ago I came to the conclusion that I would always be skinny, it was still encouraging to see the before and after pictures.

I started with Phase 0 and repeated the phase. I last lifted weights (very badly) years ago and wanted to make sure my form was solid before proceeding to the next phase.

I set up a very simple home gym consisting of a weight bench and adjustable dumbbells. I liked the fact that the workout videos provide alternate exercises for those that are working out from home.

The program was hard at first, but after consistently gaining weight and muscle, it gave me the motivation to keep going. My goal was to gain 20 pounds by my 40th Birthday. I'm happy to report I met that goal and am now at 173.6 pounds, 36 pounds from where I started.

Starting out the program, I felt very overwhelmed. For me, the trick was to start out with small implementations, stop worrying about how sloppy my form was at first, and just start lifting. Eating the number of calories required to gain was also difficult at first, but once again, small implementations were key. I no longer skipped breakfast, I made sure I ate consistently throughout the day, and I drank a calorie-packed smoothie daily. They're a great and quick way to get extra calories without feeling like you're having to eat another meal.

For those that are hesitant to join the program, I can attest to the fact that if you stick with it, you WILL see results! Below are my before and after stats.

Before stats:

  • Weight: 137.4 pounds (62 kg)
  • Shoulders: 41"
  • Waist: 31.5"
  • Biceps: 12"
  • Chest: 36"
  • Hips: 33.75"
  • Thighs: 19.5"
  • Calves: 13.5"

Current stats:

  • Weight: 173.6 pounds (79kg)
  • Shoulders: 47"
  • Waist: 35"
  • Biceps: 14.25"
  • Chest: 40.5"
  • Hips: 39.5"
  • Thighs: 23"
  • Calves: 14.75"

Marco, Shane and Jared—thank you for helping me change the way I look and the way I feel about myself!

Thinnesh C.

Dear Bony to Beastly thank you so much for changing my life

"Bony to Beastly" it WORKS! At first I was really skeptical about purchasing your book cause it cost me RM700.00 here. That's a lot of money buddy.

I bought it anyway with a gut feeling in my bones. I followed all your routines step by step. Guess what? I went from 130lbs to 154lbs in just 1 month.

My muscle developed but I also put on a lot of fat. The program was good but it was lacking some components like ABS exercise. The ABS exercise was not intense and made me accumulate a lot of fats. However, my overall body frame grew bigger.Its 2016 now and im still at 65-70kg but im trying my best to shed some fats.

The BOOK WORKS! ITS WORTH ALL THE PENNY!. I would recommend it to anyone. But I'm not sharing the book haha. its RM700 man. Dear Bony to Beastly thank you so much for changing my life.

Dr R. Bhavsar Urologist - Age 36

32 lbs over 5 months

I had been skinny my entire life. I used to believe that no one could change their body shape. That it was primarily determined by genetics and there was little one could do about it.

After medical school, I learned all about the physiology of metabolism, weight gain, and the obesity epidemic in this country and many others. This was ALWAYS changeable. If obese people can lose weight, even against impossible odds, than why couldn't I gain weight.

Even with the knowledge that I could change my body type, I still struggled. I think most of it was lack of discipline rather than not knowing what to do. Some time later, I stumbled across this website during one of my short lived motivations to gain weight. I don't know what it was but everything clicked. The people who created this website, being former skinny guys themselves, seemed to hit every nail regarding the struggle that I had gone through and how I felt. After reading almost all of their free content, I decided to go ahead and buy the program. I ended up deciding to build my own gym at home due to my work schedule, small children at home, and busy life.

After doing the program, I found it surprisingly easy to follow and with great results. It does take a lot of discipline but it is not overly demanding. In reality, you can probably find everything offered here online already. There is no super-secret magical recipe or workout that will make you swole.

BUT, one major benefit this place has is its online community and proven results. So many times, especially early on, you will run into "what if" or "should I." Should I do this lift instead of that. What if I have pain in my shoulder with this type of exercise? And the founders do a great job reviewing the most recent scientific research. So in a nutshell, you can do this on your own without the program in the same way you can learn to play the piano or repair your dry-wall your house. With enough discipline and time, everything already exists to do it but if you want a faster way, avoiding common pitfalls and having had hundreds of people before you available to answer questions, well that's where this program is the best.

*Note from b2B—Dr Bhavsar has been gracious enough to write an article on the website on testosterone. You can read it here.

Dallas D. Engineering Student

You truly get out what you put in. No bullshit.

Obviously it's natural to be skeptical about anything you buy on the internet. I've bought fitness programs before and they ended up being terrible, designed for someone way different than me. By God's grace, I stumbled on the Bony To Beastly Website. When I read the details and watched the video, I really felt that the B2B guys knew what they were talking about, knew my pain, and knew a way to fix it. I took a leap of faith and decided to purchase the program. I can say that I regret only a few things in my life, and buying Bony to Beastly was definitely NOT something I regret! My life changed, plain and simple. I was loaded with amazing information from the ebook, energized by all the fresh new weight training, and amazed at the level of commitment the B2B guys put into responding to the community of members. I didn't join a fitness program, no. I joined a Brotherhood.

To say the least, I've already recommended this program to basically everyone I know! Specifically, I recommend it to my skinny friends who hate being the scrawny kid, who were in the same position I was, the same position we all were in here. I see them doing these basic bodybuilding routines training one or two muscles a day. Sadly, they dont know that this doesn't work effectively. I want them to build real muscle and strength, to feel what I felt when I put on my first 20lbs of solid muscle, to be a beast. The best thing about the program is definitely the focus on getting you strong as hell fast. Never did I think that as some scrawny twig, I would be deadlifting nearly 300lbs one day! But I was able to achieve that. The sky is the limit with this program. You truly get out what you put in. No bullshit. Just results!

There are only a couple important decisions in my life that have made me who I am today, that have completely changed the course of my circumstances. Buying Bony to Beastly was one of them. You can continue living in an ocean of mediocrity, scavenging the internet for fitness advice. If you want a life of T shirts actually fitting you properly with all the new muscle, having your arms turn into a pair of solid iron guns or getting a nice bootylicious behind that girls like to grab (and trust me they will), a complete and thorough training in ice-cold steel discipline for anything you do in life, and much much more, then all these things await you inside Bony to Beastly.

My total weight gain was 25 lbs after doing the four phases one after the other (20 weeks, or 5 months).

I'll keep it simple. There are a few pivotal points in my life where I can now clearly look back and say "Damn I'm so glad I did that!" Buying Bony to Beastly changed the course of my life. The thing is, once you buy it, you have to commit to it. You're in a brotherhood now, and we are all watching you to see if you succeed. We all want you to, because now that we're more experienced, we have gained the ability to see the potential in people of all ages. We just have to see them want it bad enough to take the action and do what needs to be done. That's what Bony to Beastly is all about, making you a strong, smart, and sexy beast (The Triple S Threat), if and only if you're willing to get the job done.

Adam G. Dentist

I had long ago accepted that I was getting too old and too tired

There are so many people pitching garbage programs online and making tons of money off of inexperienced beginners. When you start doing internet searches for workout programs and body transformations, it can be overwhelming. There is so much out there, and a lot of it is in contradiction to other things you come across. With very little experience in weight training or bodybuilding, I had no way to tell what information was legit, and what was just a fancy sales tactic.

So, at first it took me a lot of reading to feel confident that the Bony to Beastly Program was the real deal. But the more I read through Shane's blog posts, the more I realized that b2B was backed with actual scientific data and research, which I had seen very little of with other programs. The depth of detail and preparation was obvious to me from the moment I started looking into it. I remember telling a friend right before I bought the program that I felt like I had found some huge treasure trove of pure knowledge that had obviously been missing in my life. It was a very real "AHA!" moment for me.

I think b2B was the perfect road map for me, and that's what I needed most. I was self-motivated, I had the time, I just had no clue what to do. After reading through the initial b2B guides, it sounded so simple! Obviously, it would take a lot of hard work, but I felt like as long as I knew the game plan, that's what I was missing most. And it's possible that I could have discovered most of that game plan on my own, but it would have taken years of trial and error, and I probably would have given up long before I put all the pieces together.

One thing I noticed almost immediately after starting b2B was how much better I felt. At 32 years old and with 2 small kids and a full time job (as a dentist), I had long ago accepted that I was getting too old and too tired to dedicate much time to personal fitness. To me, that ship had sailed. But what I found after a few weeks of b2B is that I felt better, slept better, had more energy, and didn't come home and crash on the couch after work. My stress levels dropped as well, and I found myself releasing a lot of negative energy during workouts. It sounds like something you would hear on an infomercial, but I think a lot of that had to do with the increased hormone levels that come with weightlifting and eating properly, something I had obviously been missing before.

The thing I liked most about b2B was that it was founded in scientific research, and it was continually updated to reflect the most recent scientific findings. As someone who has spent many hours reading scientific literature, I appreciated the hours and hours the b2B crew put into their research. I was equally impressed that they knew how to read and interpret the findings in the literature! So many internet "experts" makes unsubstantiated claims based off of anecdotal experience, and there are rarely citations given or links to legitimate sources. I have found b2B to be very effective at utilizing the latest research.

I want to thank the guys at Bony to Beastly for changing my life! It's been a year and half since I found them, and I feel like things are only getting better. I've learned so much about how to control my diet, how to get the most out of my workouts, and most importantly how to have a sustainable fitness oriented lifestyle. I have been amazed at the progress I have made, and I could not have done it without you guys!

I have encouraged a lot of my friends to try the program, or at least to read some of the blog posts. Even my friends who are big into personal fitness could benefit from the information compiled in b2B.

I would be honored if you said 1/1 dentists recommends Bony to Beastly!

Abdul A. Hotel Manager, 33 years old

From 150lbs to 180 lbs in 4 months

I've always been the scrawny kid with the potbelly. I hated taking my shirt off at the pool or on the beach. I've always made excuses that one day I'll do something about it, or that I didn't need to worry because I'm happily married.

But I eventually got sick and tired of not doing anything in that area of my life, and looking at myself in the mirror with disappointment every single day. I am very analytical and decided to research the hell out of the topic of 'hard gainers', and kept coming back to

I took a chance and bought the program. I started it, and in my excitement to see results, I jumped into their program, but didn't read (my bad) all the instructions correctly, and apparently skipped quite a lot of details. Guess what? I grew muscles! And then I posted pictures and I was so proud of the change I saw within 2 months. The awesome community then told me how I actually didn't follow the program correctly, and set me on the right path. Now I restarted the program from scratch again to make sure I don't skip anything this time. Guess what happened this time? I kept growing more muscles!

I went to Costa Rica for a "work event" and for the first time in my life was actually looking forward to showing off my body. That was 2.5 months after I started the program, and to my pleasant surprise, coworkers who had known me for years couldn't believe what I looked like underneath my clothes! It felt awesome. Girls were dancing with me at the night club after "work", and wanted a piece of me. Luckily, I'm happily married, but the thought that girls who don't know my name were all over me felt rewarding. I didn't do it for them, or anyone else. I did this for myself to be as confident in this part of my life as I am in the others. I wanted to feel proud of my appearance just as I am proud of my hard work in my career.

It sounds like hyperbole, but it truly made an incredible change in my life. Ultimately, it's up to me, but they showed me how to get to my goals like they knew how my body works and exactly what it needed to grow. This is just the beginning for me. I haven't reached my goals, and it will probably take me another 2 years to truly feel like I have built the body that I've always dreamed of.

Ian L Currently in my senior year as a architecture college student

My mum keeps saying "I look more like a man now" haha

I have been a varsity soccer player and track competitor all throughout high school. However, coming from Hong Kong, rugby is a huge part of the "lad" culture and I was sucked into playing it during Year 10 and 11 - I kicked ass! But it was not my sport so I went back to focusing fully on soccer during year 12. In my senior year (Year 13), the rugby team was down some players and needed some extra bodies to fill in the positions, so I volunteered. Unfortunately, the year's gap of playing was a huge difference - everyone had become a lot bigger and I dislocated my shoulder during the opening minutes of the first game of the season. I have not been the same since, and this was 5 years ago.

Now in college at USC, I have avidly been going to the gym - rehabbing my shoulder. Gahhh but yeat again I was sucked into the "lad" culture of USC - lifting heavy weights. Without a solid foundation and always being trigger happy, gunning for a speedy recovery, I would push myself beyond my limits before my body was ready.

Between the time of my first dislocation and now, I have dislocated BOTH my shoulders over 20 times. It sounds ridiculous but that's what a love for contact sports, and a short patience gets you. I have learned so much since and have been frantically trying to find a program that would accommodate my fragile frame while actually challenging my muscles enough to stimulate growth.

Thankfully I found you guys, Bony 2 Beastly. 4 years of college I spent going to the gym, without seeing any mass results. 3 Months into the b2b program and I had already gained 15lbs. More importantly, I was getting a killer workout, going up in weight, increasing my strength, without any shoulder dislocations!

I was at a cool 148lbs fluctuating to 150lbs on my best days. Now I am sitting at a sweet 178 lbs coming on to 180lbs! I can't believe it, neither can my girlfriend, nor my family. My mum keeps saying "I look more like a man now" haha. Either way, thank you b2b for the program and I hope to continue your workouts in the future!

Gabriel M. Sales Executive, 29 years old

Converted 20 lbs of fat into muscle, 24 months.

I was sure I could never escape my skinny genetics before knowing B2B. I tried it all out there, felt frustrated that other guys would get all muscled up while I spent time, money and willpower to get weak results, at best. Then I came across this very comprehensive article on ectomorph aesthetics at B2B web page.

Not only I found a place in which my biggest body aesthetics & fitness concerns were thoroughly pointed out, but also discovered that they could be promptly addressed in a practical, wholesome and natural way. This is the single most important thing about B2B: information. Having the right type of insights, covering all the necessary variables for a skinny guy to take ownership of their body’s full potential.

As I got to know these insights and experimented going through the B2B program, I switched jobs and moved to another city. Even so, and in spite of a very busy lifestyle, I managed to follow through with the program in my own rhythm, making incremental and lasting changes to my lifestyle as a whole: exercise & sleep routines, postural improvements, nutritional habits.

B2B is not only about conceptual results that are impossible to implement. It is practical, feasible and adaptable to my lifestyle. It is based in sound knowledge that brought me short-term gains will be a game changer for the longer run. If you want not only to get big and healthy, but stay big and healthy, B2B is right for you.

David G. I'm an electronics technologist, I'm 40 years old.

I gained 18 pounds in 1 year

I have been an active, athletic guy my entire life. I competed in martial arts, I ran track, played every intramural sport in college, and even tried lifting weights a few times over the years. All of that activity was great for having fun, keeping me "fit", but I remained skinny. When I was 14 I remember looking around at other guys in the locker room and thinking they looked like men. I looked like a boy still. I was 83 pounds when I entered high school, and 127 pounds when I graduated. I didn't break past 150 pounds until I was 29 years old.

As a 6 foot tall guy, I always felt very skinny. I joined the military, I studies martial arts, I got married and had kids. My career was great, my health was good... but I always felt like a skinny kid. As I was about to turn 40 I decided I needed to really make a change.

I did the nerdy research we all seem to do online. I read a tonne of material and happened upon Bony To Beastly. Shane and Jared had stories that resonated with me, but it was their transformation in only a few months that really struck a chord. I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back since. I wanted to workout from home with the adjustable dumbbells and bench I've had for years rather than be embarrassed at a public gym. Within 1 month I had gained 10 pounds and I was totally converted to the process. I ended up buying a bunch more equipment to help feed my new addiction!

I didn't start out Bony To Beastly as the skinniest guy in the program. I was already at a point where most guys are aiming to eventually be. I started weighing 167 pounds on a full stomach right before bed. I was also a little flabby around the mid section with horrible posture; a bi-product of sitting in front of my computer for years at work. My previously active lifestyle had taken a down shift, and it seemed I was slipping into "out of shape" territory. Well, Bony To Beastly fixed that real quick. So, after my initial 10 pound gain, I experimented with losing a little fat, then gaining some more muscle, then losing a little fat again, until I landed in a sweet spot where I felt I was happy with my body fat %. This coincided with me ending the main 20 week program.

After that, I went on the adventure of finding out how strong I could become. I wanted to have manly strength! When I started with b2B, I couldn't bench press 135 pounds. I am now benching 245 pounds. My first back squat was 145 pounds, and now I am at 275 pounds. My deadlift, maybe the manliness of strength tests, went from 200 pounds to 365 pounds right at my 1 year anniversary. Oh, and my measurements all jumped up massively too. In 1 year I have gained 3 1/2" on my shoulders, 4 3/4" on my chest, 2" on my biceps, and LOST 1 1/2" on my waist! If you can devote yourself to the program, there is no reason you can't hit your goals. I have seen it happen so many times within the b2B community.

Sean D. IT. PC Tech. Age 31

Feb 2016 wt:170, Nov 2016 wt: 179

so i always tall and skinny. i was 155 from age 18 to about age 28. After my first Kid showed up, i jumped to 170, by becoming skinny fat. i had a bit of a "Bell" like shape. Im not quite where i want to be... being a full time father, husband, employee and part time student... sometimes i go a few weeks without getting to the gym. Not counting injuries. So i havnt been able to have an uninterrupted workout pattern that last more than 1 phase. I still have had good gains in shoulders, back and chest and legs. Ive gotten stronger (front squat 185!) but my actual fitness look still needs work. Im super excited about the program b/c ive never had such control over what i weigh, its always been this "thing" out of my control. ive got my measurements back at the house and ill need to get them later. Ive got some before and after pics, but they dont look that great b/c they are full body and the lighting is not great, as im always having to take them at night after kids are in bed.

Jason S.

Pants are no longer a saggy mess around my stick legs and my non-existent butt

The only obstacle that would have prevented me from buying the program is having to pay $200 up front and needing to justify that with my spouse. However, because the Bony to Beastly boys were able to accommodate a four-month payment plan of $50 each, the purchase price was easy to accommodate.

The program takes all the guess work out of putting on mass and gives you a road map that just plain works. Besides not needing to guess what to do in the kitchen or in the gym, the best thing about the program is the community and coaching staff. Shane, Jared, and Marco do a wonderful job of helping to instruct and motivate their members. The community helps to hold you accountable and identify solutions when you run into problems with your diet, plateaus, lifting form, or any other issue you might come across on your journey. These guys truly appreciate their members and it shows in how involved and interactive they are with their community.

After finishing the program I noticed some unexpected benefits. Besides being happy with my physique for the first time in my adult life and receiving compliments from friends and family that "I look great!" the best thing is filling out my clothes. Pants are no longer a saggy mess around my stick legs and my non-existent butt. Now my legs fill out my pants, my wife loves my ass, and my shoulders and chest finally fill out t-shirts. I no longer hate clothes shopping because things finally fit right on my frame!

I would 100% recommend Bony To Beastly. If you are a skinny dude and it's your dream to put on weight, this is absolutely the program you need. If you put in the work to eat and lift according to the program, you will succeed. That's all there is to it.

Eli R. 27. Former physics grad, currently breaking into tech

+22 lean pounds in 4 months

I've always had a slim frame. The age-old story. I had a sedentary lifestyle and a Devil-may-care diet but was always skinny. When the pandemic started, I resolved that I would use the time to build some healthy habits. I took up running and got into much better condition, but I was still lanky.

I found the Bony to Beastly Bulking Program and it seemed exactly what I was looking for. I invested in adjustable dumbbells and a pull-up rack last September and have been training 2-3 times a week since then.

When I started out I was 132 pounds. Now I'm at a lean 154. I Always thought I was going to have the same physique I've had since high school, but nowadays I look and feel better about myself than I ever thought I would. Dedicating myself to this program has been one of the smartest moves I've ever made, and I'm excited to challenge myself and continue making progress.

I couldn't recommend Bony to Beastly enough.