The cover of the Outlift intermediate hypertrophy training workout routine.

Outlift: Intermediate Hypertrophy Program

With a 3-Day, 4-Day, and 5-Day periodized workout routine. Each routine is fully optimized yet highly customizable. The workout sheets are powerful but easy to learn. They work on mobile or desktop.

Build more muscle

Gain more strength

Customize your routine

Tailor the program to fit you perfectly. Choose how many days per week you want to lift, which muscles you want to focus on, and which exercise variations suit you best. We'll guide you through the entire process.

Marco Walker-Ng is a certified strength coach, has a degree in health sciences, and has over 15 years of experience training clients ranging from everyday people all the way up to college, professional, and Olympic athletes.

Results fully guaranteed.


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Gain strength on the Big & Small Lifts

This program focuses on the squat, bench, deadlift, chin-up, and overhead press, but with plenty of assistance and accessory work. Your arms will grow as strong as your back.

Illustration of a bodybuilder flexing his biceps.

Build Fearsome Amounts of Muscle

This is a muscle-building program built on a foundation of compound lifts, but we also include plenty of supporting exercises, allowing you to focus on what you want.

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Transform Your Physique From the Inside Out

Strengthen your shoulder girdle, upper back, arms, and even your neck—all while strengthening your core and posture. All while improving your health and fitness.

Before and after photo of body recomposition (losing fat while building muscle at the same time).
Before and after photo of a guy losing fat and building muscle
Before and after photo of an intermediate guy building muscle

What is Outlift?

We made this program for 3 types of people, in 3 different situations:

  1. As a sequel to Bony to Beastly. If you liked the Bony to Beastly, this is the perfect next step. We'll take everything you learned and bring it further. You can gain another 10–20 pounds on top of the foundation you've already built.
  2. As an alternative to classic strength training. People came to us after doing strength training programs. They'd learned the big lifts and gotten stronger at them… but weren't happy with the amount of muscle they'd built. They weren't wrong to focus on strength. Bigger muscles are stronger muscles, but there's a catch. We'll help you catch it.
  3. For intermediate lifters who want to keep growing bigger and stronger. Part of the joy of lifting weights is trying new programs, learning new skills, and conquering that plateau that's been looming over you. If your bench press isn't moving up, we'll give it wings. If you want to add another plate to your deadlift, we'll get you there. If your muscles haven't been growing, we'll give them fertilizer.

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I used the style of training in the Bony to Beastly Program to help me gain my first 40 pounds. I used the methods in this Outlift Program to help me gain my next 30 pounds. This is the approach to training that took my bench press from 2 plates to 3 plates and my deadlift from 405 for a single to 405 for 8 reps.

Before and after photos showing Marco Walker-Ng building muscle as a skinny ectomorph.

The workouts include 3 types of hypertrophy training. These are the 3 approaches Marco used to gain over 60 pounds. It's how he's helped college, professional, and Olympic athletes bulk up while improving their strength and performance.

What Will You Need to Do?

To get the results we promise, you'll need to do a few things:

  • Go to the gym (or home gym). If you train at home, you need access to at least a barbell, a bench, and a squat rack. If you train at a fully equipped gym, we'll take advantage of the extra equipment.
  • Lift 3-5 times per week. The program includes a 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day workout program. We'll explain the pros and cons of each. You can choose whichever one you prefer.
  • Fill out the workout sheets. The program comes with spreadsheets for you to fill in. You can use them on mobile or desktop. You can keep them forever. You can pick your lifts from dropdown menus, fill in how many reps you get, and let the sheet add weight to your lifts.
  • Finish the 3 phases, each 5 weeks long. The first phase is a classic bodybuilding phase. The second is a modern bodybuilding phase. The third looks almost like a powerbuilding program, but it's pure hypertrophy training.
  • Eat a diet that matches your goals. The nutrition section of this program isn't as extensive as in our Bony to Beastly Program, but we'll still give you clear guidelines to follow.
  • You can bulk, cut, or recomp. This workout routine will stimulate a tremendous amount of muscle growth. You can use it to gain 10–20 pounds, lose 10–20 pounds, or fight for simultaneous muscle growth and fat loss.

If you commit to following this program at least 80% properly for at least four months, we can 100% guarantee your results. That’s our promise to you, and we stand behind it with an unconditional refund policy. No hassle, no fine print.

Here's What The Outlift Program Includes
refined over twelve months of testing

The cover of the Outlift intermediate hypertrophy training workout routine.

The Outlift Guide

This PDF guide will teach you how to train for muscle size, strength, fitness, and aesthetics. You'll learn how to:

  • Choose the best exercises for building muscle.
  • Blast through size and strength plateaus.
  • Fix the weak links holding you back.
  • Double down on your natural strengths.
  • Tailor your workouts to suit your goals.

We explain every decision we made when building the program. You'll know exactly how and why it works. You can use this knowledge to customize the program. You can also use it to build your own programs.

If you just want to follow the program, no problem. It works right out of the box. But the full rationale is there if you want it.

Outlift: Intermediate Hypertrophy Workout Program

The Workout Program

The workout program is made up of 3 phases, each 5 weeks long. At risk of ruining the mystery, let me tell you what to expect:

  • The first phase is inspired by classic bodybuilding workouts. This is sometimes referred to as "building a wide base" because it stimulates muscle growth, improves lifting fitness, and causes some interesting cardiovascular adaptations in your muscles.
  • The second phase is inspired by modern natural bodybuilding. This is the style of training that's popular in the evidence-based fitness community. Moderate rep ranges, rest times, and training volumes, all combined together into efficient yet powerful workouts.
  • The third phase is inspired by classic strength training, but it's not—it's hypertrophy training. This phase goes heavier, the assistance lifts fall away, and we double the focus on the 5 big lifts (using daily undulating periodization). It looks almost like a modern powerbuilding program, but it's not. It's still hypertrophy training.

Built as a spreadsheet template. You'll love these. We're really proud of them, and the feedback from members has been incredible.

I'll teach you how to use them with a 10-minute tutorial video. They aren't complicated. It's like a lifting app, but it's more powerful, you can repeat the program as many times as you like, and you can keep your information forever.

They're made in Google Sheets, which work on both desktop and smartphones.

  • Pick your lifts using dropdown menus. We'll teach you the pros and cons of each option. Or stick with our carefully chosen defaults.
  • Autoregulated progressive overload. The sheet will tell you how much weight to add to the bar each week based on how many reps you get in your final set. (This makes the sheets super fun to use, too.)
  • Your weekly strength gains are calculated for you. Whichever rep range you're training in, the sheet will calculate your weekly estimated 1RM. That way we can address any issues as soon as they crop up.
  • Simplicity. We've taken great care to refine this program without bloating it with unnecessary complexity. The program is easy to follow, the sheets are easy to fill out.

New Game+. Every time you repeat the program, you'll use heavier weights, emphasize different goals, choose different lifts, fix different weaknesses, boost different strengths. It will grow with you.

And since these are spreadsheets, there's no monthly fee. You have access to them forever.

Coaching Community

Optional: Coaching community

We can guide you through the entire program, helping you track your progress, giving you feedback on your results, answering all your questions, and even checking your form on your lifts!

You also get the benefit of social pressure. Posting my before photos online and being part of a group of guys fighting to accomplish similar goals lit a fire under my glutes.

This community is where we get all our transformation photos, starting with the "before" photo and going week by week until we get the "after."

This part of the program is an optional add-on. You can cancel at any time.

Bony to Beastly Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We have a full 100% money-back guarantee. No fine print, no hassle. Come into the program as skeptical as you like. Try it out. If you don't love it, shoot us an email and we'll refund every penny.

Re-Cap of the Outlift Program

The 158-Page Outlift eBook. We'll teach you the principles of muscle growth, how to master the 5 big lifts, how to pick the best assistance and accessory exercises, how to diagnose weak links, and how to fix them.

3-day, 4-day, and 5-day workout routines, each 3 phases long, and each phase focused on a different style of hypertrophy training. Choose your lifts from dropdown menus or stick with the carefully chosen defaults. The sheets automatically add weight to your lifts based on your performance. Just fill them in.

OPTIONAL: Coaching Community Access for 10/month Get feedback and coaching from us, track your progress, celebrate your victories, and be surrounded by guys on the same journey you're on.

70 USD