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Bony to Beastly: Muscle-Building For Skinny Guys
Best Bulking Program for Ectomorphs / Muscle-Building Program for Skinny Guys

How to gain 20–30 pounds in under 90 days—even if you’ve failed a hundred times before. Includes everything you need to know: a full diet and training guide, a video course teaching all of the lifts, a recipe book that helps you eat more, and a 6-month lean bulking program.

War Chest: Guide And Workout For Stubborn Pecs

War Chest Stubborn Pec Program - PDF Download

How to build a powerful chest, even if you have the most stubborn pecs in the world. An advanced guide with a fully optimized 18-week workout program for guys who have already gained more than 10 pounds of muscle, but whose pecs are lagging behind.