Bony to Beastly: About Us

About Bony to Beastly

Hey, man. We're Bony to Beastly, the bulking site for skinny guys that's made by skinny guys. If you're an ectomorph, a hardgainer, or skinny-fat, we can help you build a bigger, stronger, and more badass body.

We've been named one of the ten best men's health blogs by Medical News Today, we've been on CTV and WHYY (NPR), and our work has been referenced by Psychology TodayZME Science, and Big Think. In terms of our clients, we've had the honour of coaching physicians, dieticians, college and professional athletes, and Canada's Olympic rugby team.

What we're most proud of, though, is helping our 10,000 naturally skinny members and our millions of readers go from skinny to muscular. Our claim to fame is having the best ectomorph transformations on the internet.

I'm W Shane Duquette, a science communicator, writer, and illustrator with a degree in design and visual communication (BDes) from York University. I blew up in the bulking scene when I gained 55 pounds of muscle naturally in just a couple years (at 10.8% body fat) and then helped my roommate, Jared, gain 33 pounds in three months. (You can read more about me here.)

Marco Walker-Ng brings the expertise. He has an honours degree in health sciences from the University of Ottawa (BHSc), he’s a certified personal training specialist (PTS), and he’s also certified to give diet advice through Precision Nutrition. After getting his degree, he interned with top strength and conditioning specialist, Eric Cressey, MKin, and he’s currently studying with the guidance of Zac Cupples, PhD. (You can read more about Marco here.)

Marco also has over ten years of experience working as a strength and conditioning coach, and he's personally gained 63 pounds at under 10% body fat.

Now, to be clear, your results may vary. This doesn't mean that you should expect to get the same results that we did. All we're trying to say is that we've been there and done this, we've helped other people do it, and we're professionally qualified to help you do it, too, whatever your bulking transformation winds up looking like.

(If you want to learn more about how Shane gained 55 pounds, how Jared gained 45 pounds, and how Marco gained 63 pounds, here are our ectomorph transformation stories.)

The Bony to Beastly Team

As our business has bulked up, so has our team. All of us are naturally skinny, and we've all personally succeeded at building muscle.

If you send us an email, Sunny will get back to you as promptly as he can. Then, if you sign up for our Bony to Beastly Bulking Program, you'll meet SteveM and GregE. They help Marco and I coach people through the program.

Jared Polowick (Co-Founder and Advisor): when we first launched Bony to Beastly, we thought it would be a side project that we'd run alongside our design studio. However, it grew much quicker than we ever anticipated, and we loved it so much more than we thought we would. Jared closed up our design studio to help us take b2B to the next level.

As of January 2019, thanks in large part to the help of our great team, we've started branching out even further. Jared is stepping away from b2B to head up a new project called Outlive, which is focused on general fitness for the general public. (Marco is the strength coach for Outlive, Shane is an advisor.)

We're The Bulking Site for Ectomorphs

Bony to Beastly is a workout and diet program for ectomorphs, hardgainers, and skinny-fat guys

Only around 3% of people are trying to gain weight. Statistically speaking, that makes us pretty weird. Who wants to learn about eating more and getting bigger, right? Well, we do.

Ectomorphs have unique challenges:

We ran into all of those issues personally, and we coach guys through them every single day.

Our Approach to Bulking

We believe in leveraging science, expertise, and experience. 

  1. Marco has a degree in health sciences (BHSc), is a certified personal training specialist (PTS), is qualified to give nutrition advice (PN), he interned with Eric Cressey, MKin, and he's currently continuing his education with Zac Cupples, PhD. 
  2. We've both gained over 50 pounds of muscle and still have abs. When it comes to bulking, we've been there and eaten that.
  3. Marco has 10 years of experience as a top strength and conditioning coach, working with people both in person and online.
  4. We look into every significant muscle growth (hypertrophy) study that gets published, and we're signed up to every high-quality research review: ERD, MASS, AARR, Weightology, and S&C Research.
  5. Our bulking program has been tested on nearly 10,000 clients and has been refined after eight years of testing.

Strength and size. We aren't interested in helping you become strong for your size. We're interested in helping you become big and strong. That's an important distinction for ectomorphs, given that we start off smaller. That's also why classic strength training tends to be a bad option for us.

We bridge the gap between health and aesthetics. One of the things we're famous for is our approach to aesthetics. We believe in developing conspicuous strength and health. We want to help you build a strong, healthy body that also looks strong and healthy.

Most strength programs are focused on the squat, deadlift, and bench press, which is great for developing the lower body and spinal erectors, but inevitably leads to physiques with limited upper-body size and strength.

Most bodybuilding programs suffer from focusing too little on the big compound lifts. They're great for developing individual muscles, but they do an inefficient job of making guys big and strong.

We want a program built around big compound lifts that has more upper-body emphasis and that allows us to build muscle quickly, leanly, and efficiently.

To do that, we take a Big 5 approach to bulking:

  1. The squat (goblet, front, and high-bar)
  2. The deadlift (conventional and trap-bar)
  3. The bench press (dumbbell or barbell)
  4. The push press (dumbbell or barbell)
  5. The chin-up (underhand)

These aren't the only lifts we do, but these are the movements we focus on becoming strong at. For example, we also do plenty of rows, but they're used as an accessory lift for the deadlift. And you'll also be doing biceps curls, but they're used an accessory lift for the chin-up.

Marco also builds our programs to improve posture. That doesn't necessarily require dedicated posture work, just a lifting program that develops the muscles that hold our bodies in the correct position.

By the time you gain your first 20 pounds, we want you to be standing taller, lifting heavier, sleeping more soundly, and looking far cooler.

You'll have a smile as broad as your shoulders.

We stand behind everything we sell with a full guarantee. No matter how skinny you are, and no matter how many times you've failed in the past, we promise that we can help you build muscle. If you're in any way unsatisfied, we have an unconditional 90-day refund policy.