Obe is a student in studying commercial aviation, not unlike the other Obi you all know and love. Unlike Obi though, Obe is real. He’s married, spends his free time playing soccer and watching movies, and a little over 5 weeks ago became a really supportive member of the Bony to Beastly community. He’s kicking some serious ectomorph ass, but isn’t even doing anything all that crazy to get his results. He’s following the plan, working out for an hour three times a week, eating well and making sure he has his calories in before going to bed. And he gained 4 pounds of muscle a week 5 weeks in a row. This just goes to show what proper training and nutrition can do, and that our potential for growth, hardgainer or not, is a hell of a lot greater than what most of us assume.

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How Jeff got Jacked in 5 Weeks

Written by Shane Duquette on April 23, 2012

Haha watch out bodybuilders—us skinny creative dudes can diesel-up too! The handsome yet tiny thing on the left is Jeff before starting Bony to Beastly. He started the program at 136 pounds with internally rotated shoulders and upper and lower crossed syndrome (postural problems that plague most of us ectomorphs with desk jobs). The beastlier man on the right is Jeff 5 weeks later weighing in at 145.5 pounds and with most of his postural problems solved. He’s also balanced out most of his muscle asymmetries while increasing size everywhere.

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How Bony to Beastly Came to Be – The Tale of Two Ectomorphs

Written by Shane Duquette on April 3, 2012

April 2010 – the month that two skinny ectomorphs decided they were fed up with being skinny ectomorphs. Did we know what an “ectomorph” was? Hell no, we just knew we were really damn skinny and really damn fed up with it.

So we made a pact: 30 days of whatever it took to build muscle (steroids not included).* Skinny genes be damned, we were growing out of our skinny jeans.

And we did. That first month went so well that we decided to expand our muscle-building pact to four months, and by the end of those four months the Bony Boys were a thing of the past. Furthermore the success we had inspired us to create the entire Bony to Beastly program.

*Well okay so we were freshly graduated from university, living on our own, and entirely unemployed … so the financial costs had to, err, be pretty low. We were also in the midst of starting up our design business and our schedules were pretty full. But we were very determined.

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